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March 21, 2017 by Kirsty Sinclair

We love customizing your Luxury Photo Mirror experience we have a gallery of printout templates for you to choose from that will personalize and compliment  your event.

What are photo borders?

A printout template is a static design that we have created that will be printed around the photos that you and your guests take.

It is different than your backdrop. Your backdrop is an actual piece of material that your guests stand in front of when the picture is taken.

We have a separate gallery of beautiful backdrops for you to choose from.

You do want to keep in mind the colors/design of the photo backdrop and the printout templates so they compliment each other and your picture. We can help guide you through this process.

How many Pictures will print out on each 4X6 Photo?

The Mirror will give you and your guests 2 different options for how many poses/pictures that they would like taken during each session.

When the session is done they can then choose how many copies that they would like printed.

From below, you can choose up to 2 different options for your event

One Pose Layout

The mirror will take one picture that will be printed  on a 4 x 6 glossy paper.


Two Pose Layout

The mirror  will take take 2 consecutive pictures that will be printed together on 4 x 6 glossy paper.


Three Pose Layout

The mirror will take take 3 consecutive  Pictures that will be printed together on 4 x 6 glossy paper. This takes more time for guests in the photo booth . It is not recommended for parties over 75.

What will the wording say on mY Printout templates?

We can customize your photo border to be as personalized as you would like.

How would you like your names to appear ?

  • Monica & Eric
  • Eric and Monica
  • Mr & Mrs Smith

Some couples use nicknames as well…

How would you like your EVENT date to appear on your templates?

Would you rather have it printed like 7.15.2017 or  July 15, 2017?

Would you like something hawaiian somewhere on youR borderS?

You might to have Maui, Hawaii or Aloha printed somewhere on your templates to emphasize the location.

Is there a visual that you would add on your printout templates?

Maybe you would like to add a #hashtag or a company logo you would like to be added on the photo border to maximize the marketing of your event.

We can also custom design printout templates for you.

For an additional fee, you will work one on one with our graphic designers who will create a one of a kind photo border for your event.

Some samples of printout templates we designed for our clients:




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Copyright by Luxury Photo Mirror 2020. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Luxury Photo Mirror 2020. All rights reserved.