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It is officially Valentines weekend, and you might be getting a little bit busy in the bedroom. Searching for a sexy drink to spice up your night? This is the best time of year to do a little something different for your significant other or just for yourself! We have gathered 3 Aphrodisiac Cocktails for you and your valentine.
Here are a few of our favorite, simple, yet delicious (and effective) recipes. Now let’s turn up the heat and get you in the mood!

Thai Chili Martini

Special ingredient: Thai Chili

This one is for the spicy lovers! Thai chilis are known for being one of the strongest aphrodisiacs out there.  These special chilis contain high amounts of capsaicin which causes increased circulation. Most importantly, this allows your blood to flow faster and stronger, stimulating your body. Make this drink extra strong. You will most definitely be feeling it before you finish the first one!

Gin Cocktail with Honey and Lemon Cordial

Secret Ingredient: Honey

A delicious cocktail for the sweet and sensitive ones out there!
For those of you wondering, why honey?! Honey contains boron and nitric oxide. Boron is known for regulating hormone levels in the body. Nictric Oxide is what allows blood, nutrients and oxygen to travel throughout the body. In many cultures, honey is a symbolism of fertility and procreation.

Gingered Peach Margarita

Aphrodisiac Ingredient: Ginger

For all of the ginger and margarita fans, this one is for you! Ginger is similar to the Thai chilis in the sense that it increases heat in the body, and heightens your heart rate. Gingers potent aroma is said to help stimulate arrousal.
This sweet and spicy cocktail is definitely going to set you up for a delightful night in the bedroom.

With many tasty aphrodisiac drinks out there, these are just a few of our favorites. Looking for something different to do this Valentine’s Day? If you are simply staying indoors and need some fun inspiration, want to do something special for your lover, or simply curious to test out the effectiveness of these drinks, this is a fun way to add to a romantic evening of love.

Tag us @alohabarsmaui so we can feature your special twist on these 3 aphrodisiac cocktails for you and your valentine.

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Its our honor to be a part of your love story….

On June 16 this bride and groom got married at the award winning Olowalu Plantation house located on the gorgeous west coast of Maui.

They went for a whimsical vintage theme that our one of a kind Vintage Bar complimented beautifully.

ASA flowers designed a cascading rose floral arrangement for the front of the bar which was absolutely breathtaking and smelled incredible.

For the couple’s signature drinks they chose a Strawberry and Lavender Infused Lemonade and Maui Mules made with Handcrafted Hawaiian Ginger Simple Syrup, Fresh Lime and Pineapple Juice.

June 16th Olowalu

Location: Olowalu Plantation, Maui

Bar: Vintage

Signature Drink #1: Strawberry and Lavender Lemonade

Signature Drink #2: Maui Mule

Wedding was coordinated by Kendall Higashimo of White Orchid Weddings

Flowers: Asa Flowers

Photos taken by Kaua Photography.

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On June 8th Alyssa and Keith got married at the award winning Olowalu Plantation house located on the gorgeous west coast of Maui.

They went for a modern theme that our Modern Art Deco bar complimented beautifully.

For the couple’s signature drinks they chose a “Perfect Union” – Vodka with fresh Strawberry and Cucumber purée with fresh lime and sparkling soda and organic Strawberry Infused Lemonade.


Location: Olowalu Plantation, Maui

Bar: Modern Art Deco

Coordinator – Tropical Maui Weddings

Florist: Lois Hiranaga

Entertainment: Maui Wedding DJ

Signature Drink #1: Perfect Union

Signature Drink #2: Maui Mules

Photos taken by Kaua Photography.

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Sophie and Adam’s destination wedding at the exclusive White Orchid Beach House in Maui, Hawaii on February 21, 2017. We got the chance to meet with Sophie a few months before her wedding.

Meeting with brides before the wedding is always such a treat for us because we don’t always get the chance since most couples are planning everything from the mainland.

Sophie and Adam decided to book all three of our family of companies for their event, Sol Maui Events – DJ And MC Services, Aloha Bars Maui – Boutique Cocktail Catering and Luxury Photo Mirror – Photo Booth.

DJ Del Sol of our sister company Sol Maui Events was the MC and Dj for the evening.

The Groom and DJ Del pulled off a surprise for Sophie. Before anyone got to the venue the Groom and Del had a private rehearsal of a song that the groom Adam was going to play keyboard for and sing to his soon to be wife.

She was so surprised when he sang this to her after dinner. We were all in tears! It was such a sweet moment.

Sophie and Adam’s Bar

Sophie’s theme was Vintage soft colors. Our Vintage Dream Bar from our Aloha Bars Maui collection perfectly complimented her design. It was placed just feet away from the ocean and lava rock surrounding the property.

Signature Drinks

For The Bride and Grooms signature drinks we recreated  Lychee Mojitos that the couple had had while on a vacation in Bali together. The ingredients were – Lychee (Asian Plum) Juice ,Fresh, Mint Lime and Rum.

They also had Maui Mules – Vodka, Lime, Handcrafted Hawaiian ginger simple syrup and a splash of pineapple. We serve it with a splash of pineapple juice. The Guests absolutely loved the signature drinks and the unique flavors that they were able to experience.

Sophie and Adam’s photo booth

For our Luxury Photo Mirror Photo Booth we kept the vintage theme with a soft Pink Rosette backdrop from our collection. The photo border was a white wood wash design complimented with Pink text to tie everything in together.


Everyone had a blast taking pictures throughout the night in the photo booth. Even though there were only 30 guests at the wedding the photo booth was busy non-stop. The pictures that we took that night were absolutely priceless.

Congratulations Sophie & Adam!

We are honored to be a part of your ever growing ohana! (family)

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Aloha Bars Maui takes pride in our Glassware Collection which comes with our service and is exclusively for our clients.

Presentation is everything at your event especially when it is being documented by your photographers and videographers. We make sure that you and your guests have a beautifully designed cocktail in hand that looks as good as it tastes.

Whether it be one of your signature cocktails, a glass of wine, a tropical juice, or a soda, each drink comes in beautiful glassware and has a tropical fruit or flower garnish and stylish paper straw that is biodegradable and earth friendly.

Signature Drinks Glassware

For your Signature Drinks we have a variety of styles depending if we are serving your drinks “on the Rocks”  or “up” in a Coupe or Martini glass.  Each glass highlights the beautiful colors in you drink making for great photographs as you can see in our gallery.

Wine Service Glassware

Our Wine glasses are from Schott Zwiesel‘s crystal glassware collection. Which is internationally acclaimed among top Sommeliers and Wine Makers.

Champagne Service Glassware

For your champagne toast we can use our classic stemmed Champagne flutes, Vintage Coupes , or our Modern Stemless Champagne glasses for an elegant touch.

Modern Twist Glassware

With the Mule craze  bringing the Copper Cup into such popularity we have also added to our collection Copper Pint Glasses and Stainless Steel Cups. We love these  especially for our tropical environment. They keep your ice and drink colder for  longer !

Many mahalos to the photographers who have taken these amazing pictures!

Make sure to check Aloha Bars Maui on Facebook and Instagram.

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There are hundreds of different wedding traditions all unique to the world’s many cultures. One thing common to almost all weddings though, is the bride’s bouquet. Taking on various shapes, sizes, and colors, bride’s carry bouquets in almost all traditional wedding ceremonies. Bouquets often complement a bride’s wedding gown, adding beauty and femininity to her outfit.

A Bouquet is a Must

To many brides, a bouquet is a must. But, have you ever asked yourself why brides carry bouquets at weddings? Like many traditions, bouquets are based in antiquity. This custom began in ancient Greece, where brides carried bouquets made of spices and herbs. A popular bouquet of the time was one made from garlic, interlaced with herbs. The strong scent emitting from these bouquets was said to ward off evil spirits that could curse the newlyweds.

This tradition was also adopted by the ancient Romans who themselves contributed to the wedding traditions we know today. Ever wonder why we carry wedding rings on the third-fingers of our left hands? The Romans believed this finger has a vein that is directly connected to the heart. They placed their wedding bands on these fingers as a symbol of love, and we have carried  this tradition on into the modern age.

The tradition of bridal bouquets continued into the Medieval ages. During this time, the purpose of bouquets continued to evolve but remained a bouquet of spices and herbs rather than flowers. Medieval brides believed bouquets warded off evil spirits, but they also believed it was a sort of aphrodisiac that would drive fertility between the couple.

It wasn’t until the 1800s during England’s Victorian-era that bouquets would change from herbs and spices to flowers. The first bride to do so was none other than Queen Victoria. Marrying Prince Albert in 1840, she chose her bouquet to be made from fresh flowers rather than the traditional herbs and spices. Many have said this was a choice made to cover up bodily scents in a time when deodorant was unavailable.

Victorian Era Bouquets

Queen Victoria also popularized the now famous bouquet toss. It is said that in Victorian times, single-women at weddings attacked the bride, trying to take strips of her wedding dress or bouquet as good luck. As a way to defend themselves, brides started throwing their bouquets at these crowds. This tradition has evolved into the famous bouquet toss we know and love today.

Throughout history and even today, bouquets are an essential part of bridal traditions. With its inspiration, we’ve gone on to create a cocktail that embodies the color and fresh floral scents we love in bouquets.

Bride’s Bouquet Cocktail Recipe

Peony Vodka or Hana ‘flower’ Gin | Hand-crafted hibiscus tea | 3 drops of rose water | St. Germain Elderflower Liquor | Garnished with edible hibiscus flower and rosewater spritz

Photographers: Meew Meew Studios

Wedding Coordinator: Makena Weddings

Wedding Venue: Kukahiko Estate

Flowers: Atrium Design Works

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