Aloha Bars Maui Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary!

Aloha Bars Maui Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary!

September 11, 2022 by Kirsty Sinclair0
Delicious drinks, beautiful style, and presentation are just a few of the things that Aloha Bars Maui is known for. What really sets us apart from other services and experiences is our amazing staff and work Ohana (family) that brings the “aloha” spirit to everyone we meet both on and off the clock. We are excited to announce that today is the day that Aloha Bars Maui celebrates our 10th year anniversary!

A note from Kirsty Sinclair, Owner & Founder of Aloha Bars Maui

Let me first start by introducing myself. My name is Kirsty (like thirsty but with a K). I am the Founder and Owner of Aloha Bars Maui. We are a boutique Mobile Cocktail Catering and beverage service and bar. We exclusively serve the gorgeous South Pacific island of Maui in Hawaii. I have worked in the bar and restaurant industry on Maui for 17 years. Working in this industry has allowed me to make and work with many close friends. Many of us out here live long distances away from our blood family.
The friendships and bonds that we form on the Hawaiian island chain lead to life long relationships and us becoming each others ohana. As the infamous Stitch says “Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind.”
Needless to say my closest friends and ohana are an integral part of Aloha Bars Maui exuding the spirit of our boutique profession.
I also recruit the best of the best on the island by frequenting local bars and restaurants on the island looking for others with the aloha spirit to join our ohana. It’s a tough job dining at 5 star restaurants in paradise looking for talent…but somebody’s got to do it.

The history of Aloha Bars Maui

I was given a surprise vacation to Maui in 2004 for my birthday (thanks Mom!) and the rest is history. This island was easy to immediately fall in love with. I loved the beauty and aloha spirit so much, that I decided not to catch my return flight and stay indefinitely. Fortunately, my extensive background as a bartender and corporate hospitality trainer for a large restaurant chain in Florida helped me to attain bartending positions at several premier restaurants on Maui including Wolfgang Puck’s Spago at the Four Seasons Resort, Chef Yamaguchi’s Roy’s (formerly in Kihei) and Capische?, located at Hotel Wailea. I have also had the yummy pleasure to work at the only gourmet cheese & wine boutique on the island… Guava, Gouda & Caviar (formerly Who Cut the Cheese?) for several years.

These experiences have broadened my knowledge of pairing fine wines with gourmet cheese and Pacific-rim cuisine. It also taught me to think outside the box in creating cutting edge, island-inspired cocktails. This was my time to create Aloha Bars Maui.

Aloha Bars Maui was born!

My passion for entertaining and making delicious drinks actually made me a bit of a local celebrity on Maui. I received many requests to cater numerous weddings and private events. This made me start to realize that this is the business avenue I was meant to follow. And…. Aloha Bars Maui was born! Since then I have been focused on filling a very important niche within the Maui wedding & event industry… clients who want a high quality, professional mobile bar service that gives their guests a real “taste of Maui”, while staying within your budget.

I’ve accomplished this by developing amazing business relationships with local organic farmers and unique product vendors from various islands. This allows me to buy directly from them, thereby supporting local businesses and avoiding costly store mark ups. The result is a surprisingly affordable, yet extraordinary drink & cocktail menu that uses the freshest ingredients available in stylish & innovative ways!

Mahalo to everyone

All jokes aside, I am incredibly honored and proud to have such an amazing and dedicated staff to support my dream and vision of my business which is celebrating its 10 Year anniversary this year! I am blown away by all the amazing servers and mixologists that work and want to work for Aloha Bars Maui, especially in a time where staffing is extremely depleted in Hawaii. So many hospitality workers moved back home because of the pandemic’s spike in the cost of living in Hawaii. Others moved to be closer to family and loved ones during this health crisis. Teamwork to make the dreamwork has been the most integral part of our success. Having a profession where we are surrounded by love in paradise is truly an honor.
I cannot thank my staff, friends, family, wedding coordinators and the thousands of brides and grooms that have supported Aloha Bars Maui over the past 10 years. We are very much looking forward to the next 10 years to come!!!!


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