Fun activities in Olowalu Maui Hawaii

Fun activities in Olowalu Maui Hawaii

July 30, 2021 by Kirsty Sinclair0

As many of you know, Olowalu Plantation House is one of our top 3 wedding venues in Maui, Hawaii! This beautiful area located in West Maui has a uniqueness about it. With the grand West Maui Mountains on one side, and the Pacific Ocean on the other, this makes for the perfect spot to tie the knot! Olowalu itself, is a very small town on this island. The homes in the area are spread out on the mountain and ocean sides. Most homes have land separating each from their neighbors. Across the street from Olowalu Plantation House, you will find a little area with some shopping, eating and more. Keep reading to discover the fun activities in Olowalu Maui Hawaii!

The Maui Butterfly Farm

The Maui Butterfly Farm is a fun and educational experience! Take your little ones here to play and learn! You will have just as much fun as they do. The owners of the farm come from a private Oxford (UK) education specializing in Animal Science and Agriculture. They are passionate about saving the declining butterfly population here in Hawaii as well as educating those around us on how to create and maintain a healthy environment here in the Islands in order to help them as best we can.  You can learn about how to do your part and stop them from rapidly disappearing throughout the Islands as well as the US mainland.

Butterflies bring joy to everyone around them. The farm’s hands on tours promote education. Not only education about the environment but education regarding insects, the benefits of butterflies and the ways in which to take care of our ‘aina (land) here in Hawaii.

Read more on their website to learn about the importance of butterfly conservation or to book a tour!

Leoda’s Kitchen & Pie Shop

Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop offers casual family-style dining. Their comfortable plantation-era atmosphere makes the restaurant very inviting. They are located in Olowalu, Maui, right next to the Maui Butterfly Farm and Olowalu General Store. Firstly, Leoda’s is known for their pies! If you ask someone who lives here where a good place to dine is, they will mention Leoda’s! Secondly, Aloha Bars works with many weddings, and Leoda’s is frequently catering them. Are you having a wedding at Olowalu Plantation House soon? Check out Leoda’s! Their pies might be exactly what you are needing for your perfect dessert. Leoda’s is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their menu features an assortment of breakfast items. This includes handcrafted sandwiches on their fresh bread, fresh salads, baked goods, daily specials, and their famous sweet and savory pies of course!

Most importantly, they focus on farm fresh and sustainable ingredients. Leoda’s is placing a huge importance on working with local providers to ensure they are offering the best product available to their customers.

Olowalu General Store

Serving Maui since 1932, Olowalu General Store is a locally owned, family run business. They are known for their Hawaiian hot dogs, spam musubi, shave ice, local plate lunches, local bentos, local snacks and more. The general store also tries to carry as many Made in Hawaii products! This includes a variety of Hawaiian and Maui Coffees, Hawaiian candies, Macadamia Nuts, locally made arts & crafts, Maui made Wines, Spirits, Beers and more. They emphasize keeping things local style. If you are looking for a place to pick up some local gifts, goodies, or tasting local style cuisine…we definitely recommend starting here!
The Olowalu General Store is located in-between Leoda’s and The Maui Butterfly Farm. Start the day by having breakfast at Leoda’s, then a tour on the butterfly farm, and finally a Hawaiian snack at the Olowalu General Store! This is also a great pit stop before heading to the other side. You won’t find many stops between here and Wailuku / Kahului. So if you are in need of a drink or snack, this is a great place!

Olowalu Plantation House

The magical Olowalu Plantation House is located right across the street from these 3 local businesses. Oceanfront, with views of both the mountains and ocean, this is the dreamiest wedding destination. If you are looking to have a wedding on Maui, and not sure which venue to choose, look no further!
As a very historical spot, this is one of Maui’s most popular wedding locations. The island ceremony of your dreams will take place on the charming lawn, surrounded by tall palms and soothed by the sound of the crashing waves. With the stunning ocean backdrop, you won’t need to even worry about decorations! Tiki torches and lights strung across the palms create a warm atmosphere that encourages a festive party.
If you are looking for a fun, professional, tropical and exciting cocktail bar for your wedding, Aloha Bars is exactly what you need! With our custom cocktails, we will provide the best drinks for the bride, groom and guests. Check out our website and instagram for all things cocktails and weddings.
We hope you enjoy these fun activities in Olowalu Maui Hawaii. Cheers!
Olowalu Plantation House Photography : Dmitri and Sandra Photography 

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