Honored to be a part of cocktail blogger & enthusiast Faith Xu’s Wedding

Honored to be a part of cocktail blogger & enthusiast Faith Xu’s Wedding

January 25, 2022 by Kirsty Sinclair0

Today is a special day for us. It’s the wedding of Faith Xu, and she has chosen Aloha Bars to be a part of her special day. Faith is a cocktail blogger / enthusiast by night (@barfaith on Instagram, barfaith.com), and her fiancé Dylan and her are known as the “cocktail couple” amongst their friend groups. They host parties at their home in San Francisco, always introducing their friends to new cocktails and different spirits. They often prioritize their travel plans around discovering local spirits and exploring the bar scene. You could say they’re pretty big enthusiasts! They really want their wedding to be an extension of that, and showcase some amazing drinks for their friends and family. That’s why we are honored to be a part of cocktail blogger & enthusiast Faith Xu’s Wedding! See photos below to peep their custom drink menu.

How Faith and Dylan Met

To give you a bit of a background, Faith moved to the Bay Area in 2012 for work. She was trying to figure out how to start making new friends, and had heard about a Meetup group through a co-worker. Her first event at a dive bar is where she she met her fiancé Dylan. His goofiness, charm, and love for snowboarding really caught her eye. After that night, they were inseparable!

Dylan describes their first encounter like something from a romantic novel: a suburban dive bar called Fred’s. At this event, they met many great friends who are still with them today. As they continued dating, they pretended not to be “too” interested in each other. Halloween came along, and they both dressed as cows! That’s when they officially began dating. How adorable!

The proposal

Before they left on a trip to Hawaii, Dylan had requested that she pack a “nice outfit” because he had a surprise for fancy dinner reservations. She thought that was a little bit suspicious, but didn’t think too much of it. On their first day exploring Maui, they drove around the West side of the island. Late in the afternoon, Dylan brought up that there was a beach close to where they were going to have dinner, so he asked to stop at this beach first. One they arrived to the beach around 5pm, Dylan insisted that they walk to the end of the beach toward some houses. Faith isn’t a huge fan of the sand, but she complied-fully suspicious at this point. When they arrived near the spot, he grabbed her purse, put it in the sand, and the rest is history!

There was a photographer hiding behind some trees and they proceeded to take a proposal photoshoot!

Maui is the perfect place for a proposal! As they got engaged in Maui, they wanted to return for an epic vacation with their closest friends and family, where they will also have their wedding.

They kept the “faith” of their wedding after having rescheduled multiple times. Ninety percent of our couples have never canceled, just rescheduled. We are so blessed! Thank you for the endless support!

Their Vision for the Ceremony

Faith and Dylan love Hawaii’s natural beauty, lush jungles, and dramatic landscapes. Their dream wedding would be enchanting, elegant, ethereal, open and airy. They fell in love with Olowalu Plantation House, which seemed the perfect location for their dream wedding! The decor is prominently greenery, focused with natural materials such as wood, and clean simple designs. Faith is a design enthusiast and created most of the graphics for the invitations and signage.

Faith and Dylan love tropical plants, so they are incorporating their favorite monstera into many of the details in the wedding from decor to signage to attire.

Aloha Bars Cocktails

A common question we get asked is… “Are the cocktails on our website the only ones available to choose from?”

The answer is…. absolutely not!
We can custom design a cocktail based on flavor profiles and spirits that you and your guests like or we can recreate a cocktail recipe that you love or have created.
This is exactly what Faith and her fiancé did but to the NEXT LEVEL!!!!!
We are also transforming our Whiskey/Cigar bar into an after dinner Amaro Bar.
Stay tuned for photos!
We are honored to be a part of cocktail blogger & enthusiast Faith Xu’s Wedding. Thank you for choosing Aloha Bars and we are excited for tonight!
Follow us on Instagram & contact us today to book the wedding, event or party bar of your dreams!

Vendors for the wedding

Photography – Melia Lucida
Videography – Ohana
Catering – Cafe O Lei
Bar Service – Aloha Bars
Music – Marvin Tevaga

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